THE Feeling Good Club

Smash your worries, Bella!

Join Bella, Archie and Shazmin as they help each other to feel good and face their worries.

Bella couldn’t be feeling worse about it being Feeling Good Week at school. With her best friend Rosh having moved away she’s sad and lonely, and to top it all she has a Big Worry on her mind – the class talk. Then Bella’s partnered with Shazmin and Archie and is surprised to see the shoots of a new friendship growing. They even form The Feeling Good Club to share their problems and express their feelings. But when Shazmin and Archie try to help Bella with her Big Worry things go badly wrong. How can Bella show her new friends how she feels?

These fun, friendly books are a great way to get kids thinking and talking about their feelings. Each book also contains fun mindfulness activities for readers to try for themselves. More titles in the series are coming soon! 

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