THE Feeling Good Club

Smash your worries, Bella!

“That class talk keeps creeping into my mind and taking over…

Bella isn’t looking forward to Feeling Good Week at school. Her best friend Rosh has just moved away and on top of that she has a Big Worry – it’s her turn to do the class talk and she’s dreading it. But when she befriends classmates Shazmin and Archie things start to look up. Can they help Bella to smash her worries for good?

There are more books coming soon in the Feeling Good Club series. These fun, friendly books are a great way to get kids thinking and talking about their feelings. Reading about the three friends’ challenging feelings, and adventures with mindfulness can help them feel better about their worries, anxieties and fears. Kids can see that these feelings are completely natural, and common to everyone. And, importantly, that they can be understood and managed in a way that builds confidence and resilience. Plus, each book also contains the fun mindfulness activities enjoyed by the club, for readers to try for themselves. 

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Some great reviews!

Book Bound:

Helen at Book Bound:

‘the first of a new series that is going to be popular’

‘this is going to be ideal for children who need to learn to talk about feelings’

Sam at Book Bound:

‘…the diary format … the varying fonts being used, and the awesome illustrations combine to give this book a Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Tom Gates/Dork Diaries vibe, which is brilliant’



Jennie at Edspire:

‘…a new series all about mindfulness, mental health and making friends. Perfect for children in Years 5 and 6 at school, this is perfectly packaged emotional literacy for tweens’

‘Through Bella’s journal young readers find a story about family and friendship. A story that will help children learn how to identify and deal with different feelings, that will teach children how to creatively, positively and purposefully channel big emotions. This is a story that will help children navigate the choppy seas of friendship and deal with changes in their life’s direction. This is a delightful book filled with gentle humour and punctuated with quirky illustrations and a sprinkle of emojis. This is a book that children will relate to and will find immensely helpful as they move from child to teen and find that the road is not always straight and smooth. This is a book that will help children learn about themselves and become the best version of themselves that they can be. This is a book filled with practical advice on building resilience and finding the courage to face your fears.’

‘The main themes in Bella’s story are learning to face fears, to be brave and face big worries head on. Bella learns that it is better to find the courage to overcome fears so that they do not stop you doing the things that you want to do. This is a huge lesson for little people and one that lots of big people need to learn too. There are so many parts of this book that beg readers to stop and think, or even better talk, about what they are reading.’

‘…you will want to thrust this book into the hands of every tween you know. It certainly deserves a space in every upper KS2 classroom. Perfectly packaged emotional literacy for tweens.’

‘It certainly deserves a space in every upper KS2 classroom.’

Perfectly packaged emotional literacy for tweens.’


Book Craic: https://bookcraic.blog/2022/09/02/blog-tour-review-the-feeling-good-club-smash-your-worries-bella/

‘As I was reading, I could really appreciate how beneficial this book would be for children who are struggling with worries and opening up about their feelings. I loved the mindfulness activities which are also included at the back of the book, and will definitely be looking at these with my class.  This is a wonderful book to use with a class to discuss worries and feelings, and to encourage empathy.’

‘I loved the journal format which shows Bella as such a genuine, open and chatty ten-year-old who will be incredibly relatable to children as she opens up about her worries and works through them with her family and friends.’

Not only is this a hugely enjoyable, warm, fun story of finding friendship and overcoming fears, but it is also a brilliant introduction to mindfulness activities which could really benefit young readers.  A fantastic, much-needed addition to school and class libraries.’


Miss Cleveland: https://missclevelandsreading.com/2022/09/03/the-feeling-good-club-smash-your-worries-bella-by-kelly-mckain-illustrated-by-jenny-latham/

‘A fresh, fun exploration of feelings all wrapped up in a highly relatable story, perfect for Lower Key Stage 2 and beyond.’

‘Through the diary-style narration we get to walk in Bella’s shoes as she navigates the huge change in her day to day life and explores the emotions she goes through. I loved the feeling emojis that accompanied each diary entry showing the range of emotions a day can bring. We see her worrying about new friendships, fearful of talking in front of the class, and hopeful as she works through her worries, both in her diary and with her new friends, to become more confident asking for help and accepting it.’
‘The three activities Bella, Shazim and Archie explore during Felling Good Week are all detailed at the end of the book so that you can try them for yourself. The ability to step into someone else’s shoes is particularly good for building empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives of the same situation.’


The Book Activist: https://thebookactivist.blog/2022/09/01/blog-tour-the-feeling-good-club-smash-your-worries-bella-by-kelly-mckain-illustrated-by-jenny-latham/

‘The Feeling Good Club celebrates mindfulness, using the stories of Bella and her friends to inspire young readers to share their feelings and worries, helping them navigate the trails and tribulations of every day life.’

‘We follow the story through Bella’s diary entries, discovering her worries, her thoughts and feelings and a glimpse of every day mishaps and merriment that lots of readers on the cusp of teenager-dom will appreciate! Full of illustrations throughout and even opportunities for readers to share their thoughts and feelings, there’s also some mindfulness and positive mental health activities at the end to complete.’