Curl up with a mag or book and your fave treat! 

Curl up with a mag or book and your fave treat! It just feels so good!

As you can guess, I absolutely LOVE reading! (And scoffing chocolate, of course!). Reading can make you feel amazing in so many ways – you get to enter a whole new world and see things and go places you couldn’t in real life; you get to know characters really well and can empathise with them, and imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes! And reading puts you into a quiet, receptive state – your breathing falls into a pattern and you relax into the world of the book (except if you’re at a really exciting part, of course!). I find that in this state I sudden get lots of creative ideas! And of course, reading helps you with your own writing too, because you absorb all those new words, ways of saying things.