This Summer

Hi all!

I hope you had a great summer. I really, really, really did – once of my best ever! So, this summer I…

Had a go at paddle boarding in Lesvos, Greece. Which was amazing fun. I would have had more goes but it got really windy and a sign appeared saying that we shouldn’t paddle board unless we wanted to end up in Turkey!

No, that is not me – no one was there to take pix – but I’ve chosen this one because of course I was totally this cool and non-wobbly at it (*coughs*).

Rediscovered that I love mountain biking. And bikes in general. But not big hills. Matt and I did loads of biking, including going all the way up to this amazing monastery, and there were lots of lovely gardens to have a good nose into along the way – heaven!

Did yoga on the beach with some nudie people. No, I don’t have a picture of that either! The beach on either side of our bit was a nakie area, so I got the strange honour of watching a man doing nudie handstands, presumably to celebrate the joy of being alive!!

Totally failed to learn about Quantum Physics. At the start of the holidays I got all keen and took this book out of the library:

It’s really interesting but I only got half way through Chapter 1 before all of the paddle boarding, mountain biking and trying not to look at nudie people doing joy of life handstands took over. Oh well, I guess that’s summer for you… I will put it on my autumn reading list!

I hope you all had a fab summer too! Love, Kelly xxx