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I’m the author of over 60 titles for children and Young Adults, including the best-selling Totally Lucy series, with two more series out next year. I have 20 years’ experience as a working author in the UK market primarily, published by Scholastic, Stripes, Usborne and Macmillan. I’ve enjoyed worldwide sales of well over a million copies, been translated into more than 20 languages, and hold an MA in Writing for Children. I also write for commercial clients and I am a new screenwriter – so I really haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be breaking into a new industry! I have a passion for all things consciousness and soul-led, so I also run Soulsparks, a wellbeing platform to help people to connect more deeply with their passions and purpose, fire their creativity and ignite their soul connection.

So you can see, I’m passionate about creativity, connection, writing and publishing – and about my readers! I love creating worlds for them to get immersed in, and I love helping other authors share their worlds with readers too.

I understand that it can be really hard to break into the industry, and to get your voice heard – especially at first (but pretty much always!). That’s why I’ve created the Authors’ Hour of Power, to help you to kick start or reboot your author journey, reconnect with your passion, vision and intentions as a writer, and share your work with readers who can’t wait to experience it!

To book your session email me at: hello@kellymckain.co.uk

How can an Authors’ Hour of Power session help you?

    • Perhaps you’ve finished your first novel, and excitedly sent it on submission to agents or publishers and got… nothing. Or a few near-misses (which is really great!) that you’re not sure how to capitalise on.
    • Maybe you’ve finished a creative writing course or MA and aren’t sure how to make that leap into being a working writer in the publishing industry.
    • Maybe you have so many projects and ideas, but are struggling to decide where to focus your time and energy.
    • Perhaps you feel like you’re endlessly editing but not getting any closer to the polished pitch package you need to submit your work.
    • Perhaps you got that agent or publishing deal (in which case, congrats!) but it wasn’t the flying start to your writing career that you expected.
    • Maybe your first book is out (or soon to be out) and you want to do your best to ensure it’s the first of many and not the only one you sell to a publisher.
    • Maybe you’ve even given up your job or are thinking about it, to write full-time and promote your new book, but need some support in creating a business from your writing…
    • Perhaps you just need a sounding board, an experienced eye over your work, some incisive editorial advice, help with your confidence, or a clear strategic plan to take your writing forward over the next few months.

    An Authors’ Hour of Power session can help you get clear, inspired and confident in all these scenarios and many more. To book your session email me at: hello@kellymckain.co.uk